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To Pratik and Shreeya's Wedding Reception
on Saturday, the Twenty-Sixth of November
Two Thousand and Sixteen
Northern Virginia

Our Story

I landed in Syracuse not knowing what my Valentine’s Day weekend would entail. I was set to meet Shreeya for the first time. The weekend flew by, and I returned knowing there was a possibility of a future together. Who would’ve thought one weekend would change my life. “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.”
Pratik and I had met for the first time. When I told him we had reservations at a restaurant called Pastabilities, he smirked. He rambled on about the serendipitous restaurant choice. I wondered, what is serendipitous about pasta? I realized later that he thought the restaurant was called Possibilities. He was wrong about the name but not about the possibility (and now reality) of us being together forever.
Proposal Day 9.03.2016

Our Bridal Party

Groom's Parents Jay and Pratima Banjade
Lumbini, Nepal
Bride's Parents Sharad and Nita Neupane
Chitwan, Nepal
Siblings Ashik Banjade and Anushruta Neupane
Kathmandu, Nepal
The Kids The Next Generation
New York City, NY

Reception Venue

Gala Cuisine

Foxchase Manor
Five O 'Clock
November Twenty Six
Two Thousand and Sixteen

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